Heaven’s Throne
By: Heather Michelle Green
May 3, 2002

A great throne in the heaven
Surrounded by a bright rainbow.
Twenty-four elders with crowns
Seated around this awesome throne.
Magnificent lightening, thunders
And voices do proceed.
Seven lamps of fire, Seven Spirits of God
In whom I believe.
Before the throne, like crystal
A sparkling glassy sea.
About the throne, four beasts
With eyes before and behind to see.
One like a lion, one like a calf
One having a face as a man
And one as a flying eagle-
All praising the Son of Man,
Never ceasing to say “holy, holy , holy
Lord God Almighty”
Which was and is and is to come
Forever giving Him glory.
There in the midst of the throne
A Lamb as it had been slain
Seven horns, seven eyes
Seven Spirits of God that reign,
This Lamb, the Lion of Judea
Root of David hath prevailed
And forever worthy is He-
Heaven has always hailed.